What to pay attention at the international exhibitions?

Doing the necessary research, you should choose the place and time of the exhibition determined according to the needs of your industry to your advantage. The development of trade between countries, customs and import-export legislation and the situation in your market sector should be examined in this context. You should do a preliminary study, though small, for the market you want to enter.

Exhibitor profile is an issue that requires your attention. Especially ensuring participation in the specialized exhibitons as a visitor's mass appeal will depend on this matter. Wrong exhibition preferences mostly occur because this issue is overlooked. Making a correct and solid first step towards that market is as important as market selection.

  • Impressive without exaggeration
  • Modest without appearing poor
  • Inviting without being splendiferous
  • Emphasizing the product without being propellant
  • Stand rental fee and additional materials fee
  • Shipping, customs clearance, storage and insurance costs
  • If you are considering taking out private stand design, production, shipping and installation cost
  • Transportation and accommodation expenses
  • An effective access to the market
  • Healthy dialogue with potential customers
  • Analysis of the sector's latest situation and competitors
  • Creating awareness about your brand and products
  • If possible, representation and distribution agreements

A good planning must be made for successful participation in the exhibition. A person for a successful planning and participation must be determined as the exhibition coordinator.

This person shall be responsible for the preparing and monitoring of exhibition budget, execution of organizational procedures, building the stand reservations, selection of goods to be exhibited, the organization of the stand construction and decoration, transportation, availability of necessary stand elements, organization, keeping visitors to sign up, post-trade customer tracking and such assessment work.